Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Princess Needed A Swim Suit

Ok, it is once again summer time and the princess needed a new swim suit. Once again last years suit does not fit. Let me just go ahead and tell you that I would rather have a tooth pulled than go shopping with the princess.

Once upon a time it was a pleasure to shop for the princess. You know......back when I had TASTE.......back before the princess became a teenager.........back when she thought Mama knew everything.

We first went to Dillards. They had some very cute suits but, eveything I touched was ugly and there just really was not a thing she would have in THAT store. This is JUUUUST great......the princess is in one of her moods. We met my sister at the mall. Thank God! That took some of the pressure off of me.

We then went to a store called Body Central (one of her favorite places). I wisely kept my mouth shut and let her look and my sister suggest. After about an hour and half of trying on three whole bathing suits.....she decided on two. Both blue......just different shades of blue.....but still blue.

I remember when everything I bought or suggested, she loved, I remember when she used to talk to me, I remember when she did not know how to roll her eyes or slam doors, I remember when pink and purple were her favorite colors. (sigh) I guess I am just not real cool to her right now.......I guess it is a girl thing.

My son and his friends think I am cool.........I try to be that way with her but.......she treats me like I am a nerd.........I'm not a nerd........I don't I an nerd?..........NOOOOOO!

I guess I just need to enjoy those occasional crumbs she gives me. You know.....those times she will actually sit down and talk (as long as I don't ask the wrong question). I will just bide my time because I know that one day she will be normal again.......won't she?

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