Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Big Family Revisited

I have told you before about the big family I have. At Christmas we go to a place called Echo and get together with my Mom's side of the family. This year there were about forty of us there. It was a lot of fun this year because we have so many little ones. All of the younger cousins are finally starting to reproduce.

This is my Aunt with two of her grandsons.


This is my cousin Wendy's little one. He was really tired of me pointing my camera at him.
Photobucket cute isn't he?

These two belong to my cousin Lance.........
These two belong to my cousin Brandon.....who is brother to Lance.


This one belongs to my cousin Mandy.....who is the younger sister of Lance & Brandon.

This is my nephew.....Little Man.....I actually got a picture of him smiling!


And.....of course here are my two youngest......
Photobucket Photobucket

Here are a few crowd pictures as everyone was "fixin" their plates.




Down here where I live......we call it "fixin your plate".....and boy do we fix it. This branch of my family is full of deer we eat deer for Christmas. We also have the regular stuff like casseroles and dressing (not stuffing), dumplings, turnips, peas, and lot's of desserts, and of course sweet tea.

The food was good but, the visit with the family was better. Unfortunately I only get to see some of these relatives at Christmas. I know though, that if I needed any single one of them they would be there for me in a heart beat, just as I would be for them.

I love my great big ole family!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Christmas Picture

Ok.....I totally lost my mind. I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of the grandchildren for my in-laws, for Christmas. WHAT was I thinking?

Ok......this is the deal my children are 24,17, and 14. My sister-in-laws three are 12,7 & 5. First.....that is a big age difference. Then we made the pictures on the coldest windiest day we have had. And.....last her two youngest are wild!

This is the picture we got......Photobucket
.....not one of my best at all, but you should see what we had to choose from.

First we had this.....


and then this....

and finally this.......Photobucket

Then I actually thought we should get a picture of the boys together.....

yea right!

ended up with this.....

The girls were easier..........Photobucket

In between taking pictures we had them to put their coats on so they would not be so cold. The princess wrapped up in a blanket instead.

This is what happened next......


and this...........Photobucket

then this.....

and yes.....this...............Photobucket

and no.....he is not dead.......

and finally we got this..........Photobucket

The best picture I made all day was of the youngest three......


All I can say is I hope the grandparents enjoy and appreciate their new pictures because......this may never happen again. Well unless I get paid like at least $500.00.....well you better make that $800.00 cause I will have to pay my three to do this again.

To the two nephews and my niece......I truly do love you but, I don't want to take your pictures again until you are at least in your early twenties.