Sunday, November 22, 2009

Southern Snow

There is snow in Southeast Alabama! Yep, I am telling you the truth. I wouldn't yank your chain like that! It is the end of November and we have some southern snow! Take a look!

Southern Snow! is a cotton field but, it is about as close as we get to snow down here. Now admit does look sorta like snow......doesn't it?

There are several bolls of cotton on each plant.....

This is a an open boll of cotton and the black thing beside it is a closed boll....

We have so many fields of cotton around here, I think sometimes we get used to them and forget to stop and look at how pretty they are. We may not get snow around here like our Northern neighbors do but, I think our fields of cotton are just as breathtaking!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Letter To Myself At Seventeen

For those of you familiar with country music, you have probably heard the Brad Paisley song "Letter to Myself". Well, on a local internet forum, that I am a member of, a poster asked people to post a letter to themselves at seventeen. I have thought about this for several days now and I am going to attempt to do it now........right here....on my now......okay, goes.

At seventeen, it is okay if you don't know what you want to be when you "grow up", most people still don't know the answer to that in their forty's. You don't have to go into business, just because your Mama tells you that is what you have to do. Follow your heart and do what you KNOW you are good at. Contrary to what some will tell you, you CAN make a living painting pictures and your photography is good enough so don't give up on that!

It is okay to keep being friends with that guy that has the curly hair and blue eyes. Yea, you know the one I am talking about. Make sure you stay friends because he won't be here in a couple of years and you will never get the chance again to tell him how special he was to you.

Yes, you will always be close to your brother and sister and the three of you will need each other a lot in the coming years and the closeness you enjoy now will get you through all of the bad stuff.......I promise.

You won't have those six kids that you think you want to have someday but, the three that you do have will fill your heart so full of love that it really will not matter.I am not going to tell you what you have (boys or girls) that will take some of the fun out of it.

When your Daddy disappears out of your life, remember that you did nothing wrong. Don't waste all of those years trying to figure out what you did wrong or could have done differently. Just continue to love him and let the hurt go. When you forgive and forget it allows you to keep the door open for him to come back. You just never know!

You are a better judge of character than you realize. The people that you think are your really good friends? They really are and they will continue to be your friends for the rest of your life. I promise.

Make sure you tell your Granddaddy Hartley how much he means to you. Give him extra hugs and soak up all that love he has to give you. All too soon he will be gone but, his love will follow you through the rest of your life and he will always be a presence in your life. Your Granny? Oh you will have her for many years and you will be old enough to know how important she is to you and she will know it!

That little voice you hear in your head? Yea, that one. When it tells you not to do better listen cause it will keep you out of trouble if you will let it. And, when it tells you everything is going to be alright? Listen because it is the truth.

Mistakes? Oh yea are going to make some mistakes. Some, are pretty big others not so much but, I am not going to tell you what to do differently. You need to make those mistakes because they are what will make you the person you are later in life. You won't be perfect but, you turn out pretty good if I may say so myself.

And last and certainly not least, that boy that you have had your eye on for so long? Well in a few weeks he is going to finally ask you out! You are going to fall deeply in love and he is going to hold your heart in his hands. There are going to be times that he may bruise your heart a bit but, he is going to hold it close and he is going to heal the bruises. He is going to become your best friend and those three beautiful children? He is the one that will give them to you. Your lives will not always be easy but, you will come through it all together and be stronger for it. You are going to hurt together, you are going to cry together, you are going to laugh together and well, you are just going to always be together!

Enjoy being seventeen because before you know are going to be a forty-seven year old me writing a letter to your seventeen year old self.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fun At The Fair

In the area where I live, one of the highlights of the fall season is the National Peanut Festival. Peanuts are the number one crop here and almost half of the peanuts grown in the nation are grown within our area! The Peanut Festival is one of the largest festivals dedicated to the peanut and the peanut farmer!

Our band boosters has a booth at the fair and the parents and kids work the booth to help raise money.

Everyone works really hard!

No really......we work really, really hard!

Hmmmmmm.......well we were a little slow that night but, it really is a lot of hard work. Fun, but hard!

We sell funnel cakes, fudge puppys and cotton candy of course!

When our shift was over, me and the princess decided to walk down to the exhibit barn and take a look!

There were all kinds of perserves, honey and pickles.....

There were pumpkins with jewels and stuff on them......

and really cool painted pumpkins.....

but, this was one of the strangest things we saw!

Yep! They were selling panties at the fair. Not just panties but $1.00 panties! Have you ever? Well, you know we had to go in and check them out and guess what.......

Yep......they had panties. All colors, styles and sizes. And, before you ask....NO we did not buy any. We just looked and giggled and took pictures while the really strange panty selling man gave us strange looks. HE GAVE US Strange looks. Hey Buster.........WE aren't the ones selling ladies panties at the THERE!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fun Night At The Football Game!

The last football game of the season is always the weekend of Halloween. Our band dresses up for this occasion in costumes rather than their band uniforms. It makes for a really fun night!

Silly girls!

We had a flapper!

and a ballerina, a cat and an Egyptian queen.......

a leprechaun even made an appearance......

The Princess and two of her best friends!

Minnie Mouse even came by to visit!

The Auxiliary girls went all out. We had cowgirls, bunnies, bat girl, a gypsy and even Michael Jackson made an appearance!

The Princess decided to be a gypsy!

The Color Guard looked waaaay too cute for their own good!

The last ball game is always sad because for some, this is their last game ever. For others this is just the beginning. At least they went out with style! What a fun night for all!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Introducing Tucker

I gave my hubby T, a Great Dane puppy for Father's day! Yes, I am crazy and I admit it. I already had seven dogs but, the way I look at is......Hey!......What's one more.....right?

Tucker was the size of my poodles when we got him. He weighed 12 lbs at 10 weeks old and now weighs 81 lbs at six months old.

Can you pick out the one that does not belong?

Tucker is a brindle colored Dane and he blends in with everything!


Tucker thinks he is the size of a poodle. Unfortunately he is not!

Tucker tends to lay down where ever he wants and he really does not care if you need to get by.

Tucker has these hangy down jaws that just beg to be touched but, since he does not like that I just settle for taking pictures of them!

Tucker is the newest member of our family and he has definitely made his place in our hearts! Just look at that face!


I mean come on! How could anyone resist this big ole mug?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Missing Pants

So, recently I was getting ready to head to bed, when Big E comes through the back door.......without any pants. Just a shirt, boxers and boots. This should be interesting.

ME: Ummmmm.......where are your jeans?

Big E: Well see, it is homecoming at the high school.

Me: You are not in high school any more......and what has that got to do with where your pants are?

Big E: Well, tomorrow is celebrity day and my girlfriend is going dressed as a rapper.

Me: And.......

Big E: She wanted to borrow some of my pants and she needed them tonight so, I just took the ones I had off and gave them to her.

Me: You do know that people who ride around with no pants on get arrested and they show up on those cop shows. You do know this......right?

Big E: "laughs"

Me: Okay then.......night, night!

All I can say is that I am really glad that I buy him those really thick nice boxers that look more like shorts. I am also glad that I live in a small town where IF, he were to get pulled over and he gave them the explanation for why he had no pants......they would actually understand!

I would also like to tell you that this is the strangest thing that has ever happened at my house but........I would be lying. So goes the life of a woman who has three children, a husband and eight is ALWAYS interesting!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bama Jam 2009

Bama Jam is a huge three day concert event, that is held in Enterprise, AL. It is held in June and this was the second year. A guy named Ronnie Gilley is behind this awesome production. This year we got to go and we had a ball.

On Thursday night me, the Princess and Sweetie Pie went. Enterprise is about a 45 minute ride from here. Then you have to add the one hour it took us to go just a few miles to the Bama Jam site. It was well worth it! On this night, we saw Blake Shelton and Taylor Swift!

Well.....except when these drunk people thought it would be okay to stand in front of us!

We skipped Friday night and decided to go Saturday instead. My son the Fireman joined us on this trip. The traffic was a lot better and we made the trip in no time at all.

On Saturday we got to see Heidi Newfield, Pat Green, Gary Allan, Jason Aldean, Brooks & Dunn and Kid Rock! What an awesome line up!

To start with The Princess and her big brother the fireman looked a little bored...



Big E and his Sweet Pea joined us for the fun.....


and so did some of their friends......

Ashley & Seth


and Haley & Cam

We saw some really strange people......


and the beer belly twins made an appearance.....

There were some cute people there too.....


and finally......the Fireman perked up.......maybe it was because he was with Sweetie Pie.....

don't you just love those blue, blue eyes?!

Any way, we had a wonderful time at Bama Jam. If you get the chance to go next year, I would highly recommend it. Bring your lawn chair and prepare for a big crowd. There were 121,000 people there just on Saturday!

The music was great but, the company I had was even better. What more can you ask for......great music and a whole weekend with my kids and their friends!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Special Graduation Moment

You may remember a story I told about a young man named Bubba Hancock that we lost back last July. He was the son of some really good friends of ours. Bubba was an awesome football player and you never saw him without a smile on his face. He is missed more every day. It has been a sad year without him in the lives of his family as well as the lives of everyone he came into contact with.

Bubba's family decided that they wanted to award a memorial scholarship in his name to a graduating senior from Headland High School. The applicants had to be a defensive player, maintained a B average, been accepted to a college and have a letter of recommendation from a teacher or coach.

On the night of graduation Bubba's cousins Alex & Becca, who were also graduating, stood up to give out the scholarship. It was hard for them because they were so close to Bubba.


Imagine the overwhelming emotion when they called out Big E's name for this scholarship! What an honor it was for him to be the first recipient of this special award.



This was made even more special because it was presented to him by two very special people in his life......Alex & Becca!


After graduation we were able to find Robin, who is Bubba's very special Mama and thank her for this honor.


From our family to a very special family in our lives, Thank you! Joe, Robin, Brook and all of your special family, words can not express the emotions we feel at this wonderful thing you have done for Big E!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baccalaureate & Graduation

I know that graduation is a right of passage and it is the next step into adulthood but, does it have to be so gosh darn sad?

My youngest son, my middle child and yes my baby......has graduated! How depressing is that. I know, I know, this is my second child to graduate but, it does not get any easier.

Not only am I gonna miss HIS high school days.......I am going to miss the kids he went to school with all of these years. These are the kids that I have taken hundreds of pictures of. These are the kids that I have watched go from diapers, to training pants and now to graduation gowns. This is soooo not fair.

Just look at these little faces!


and then........they turned into .........................


Photobucket just tell me how they could do this to me! I thought they loved me! HMMMMPH.....oh well........I still love them!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am Obsessed With a Goat!

Okay.....I know it is weird but, there is this goat and......well......I just can't get him out of my head. I know that is weird but, you gotta see him. He is the pet goat of one of Big E's friends. I have never seen a goat like this. First he is huge! He is the size of a small horse! But, his face! OH MY GOSH.....his FACE!



Soooooooo? Are you obsessed yet?!........NO!

Well look at this one.........


He has people teeth! Do you see that? Now are you caught up in his.....ummmmm....charm?


Still not obsessed huh?!

Family & Graduation

This a conversation that I had with Big E on graduation night.

Me: Okay Big E, I want you to put your cap and gown on so I can get pictures before we leave!

Big E: I will be so glad when this is over! {he says with a frown}

Me: You want graduation over with?

Big E: NO! I am tired of having my picture made. I am sick of it.

Me: (laughs) are just going to have to put up with it just a little bit longer. Then, I will hardly ever make your picture again!

Big E: (rolls his eyes)

I am thinking at this point that he knows better than that! Any way. Here are some family pictures from Baccalaureate and Graduation.

Big E & Nonna


Big E & Nana


Big E, the Princess & his Dad T......and two dog butts!


Big E and his Aunt Ladibug


Big E and his Big Brother the Fireman


and last but not least.....Big E, Princess, Fireman and Fireman's future bride Sweetie Pie!


and no......MY picture is not in here. I was the one taking the pictures. I think his NaNa got one of us......I will have to get that from her......not that any of you will see it! HA