Saturday, August 23, 2008

Paint The Street!

There is a tradition at our local high school. Every year, at the beginning of the year, the seniors get to paint the street. They paint the area between the back of the school and the football stadium.

My son Big "E" is a senior this year so, it was his turn.

This is the group before they started:


The paint you see on the road is from last years seniors. That is soon obliviated.

Big "E" quickly got busy. Photobucket

The girls were very artistic and used pretty colors!


The boys were going for maximum exposure. Boys tend to do that you know!


This is Big "E" and his best buddies with their master piece.Photobucket

and of course they had to bring all of the cute girls into the picture.

Photobucket and that completed their crew!

Best of Luck to all of our seniors! I love each of you so much and I am so very proud of you! sniff sniff

I'm ok......I just got a little allergy stuff going on.


Friday, August 8, 2008

I Don't Play Golf!

I don't play golf but, I often go along for the ride. "T" looooooves golf. If he is not playing he is watching it on tv.......all of the time.

Sometimes "T" ask me to come.....and I do......but, to keep from getting bored....I carry my camera. Sometimes I carry one of the fur babies. But, I am getting ahead of myself.

This is our golf cart. Photobucket

A golf cart is a must. Sorry but, I am not walking the golf course. The country club we are members of lets you have your own cart. So.....we do. I think it needs some decoration or something but, I haven't been allowed to decorate it.....yet.

This is "T" getting ready to putt. You have to be real quiet now. For some reason you can't hit the ball unless it is real quiet.

Oh, and yes, that is a piece of farm equipment in the background. We do live in the country and yes their is farm land around our country club.

I like to take pictures of all kinds of things today the thing is......Neal....the guy that cuts the grass.

HEY NEAL.....NEAL?.......what "T"?....oh....sorry....I forgot to be quiet.

Alrigthy then....let's move on with the story.

On this day our fur baby Brandy got to come along for the ride. This is what Brandy likes to do at the golf course.

edited for content


looks like it feels really good don't it now

almost done.....Photobucket

One more good rub....Photobucket

......and now we are going to smell of whatever it was we were rolling in.


Notice the cute hair bows? Well, we just got back from the groomers....I guess she thought she smelled a little to good. It was a must to get the dog smell back quickly.

Now that Brandy is through doing her thing.....T wants to hit the ball. Wait..wait...I want to get a picture.


Ok "T" you can go ahead now.....I got a really good picture of your club head and ball.....what?......oh yes....of course I can move now.....I'll just go sit in the cart and more pictures.......well maybe one more.


What? We are going home now? But "T" you have a few more holes to play! What? There are too many distractions? Where?.....who is bothering you?....Who?.....ME! Oh well ummmm okey dokey then maybe we, I mean YOU can come back tomorrow and....well....I'll just stay at home and do.....things or something while you play better without me...I mean without ANY distractions and stuff. What? Oh yes, I'm through....I don't have anything else to say. I will sit here real know I want say a word or anything.....................So! How do you think you played today! "T"....."T"?......ummmmm"T"? Well....I just got the "Look". I will be quiet now.