Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Don't you just love to say okra. Come on say it.....okra.....okra.....okra. Ok, you have said now but, do you know what it is? Is okra a southern food? I wonder. Oh, well. Let me tell you about it just in case you don't know.

Okra is a vegetable. It is a long green pod. You have to cut it off the vine. There are many ways to cook okra. You can cut it up and fry it, or you can boil it, stew it and even cook it with tomatoes.

When you fry it you cut it up and bread it with a corn meal mixture. You put it in the black iron skillet full of hot grease. Cook it until the breading in lightly browned.

To stew okra you cut it up, put it in the frying pan with just a little oil and cook it down until it becomes mushy. (yes, I do know that mushy is not really a cooking term but, that is the best description I could come up with) Oh yes, add salt to taste.

When you boil okra you just put the whole pod in boiling salted water until they become really slimy and tender. Boiled okra will just slide right down your throat. YUM!!!!

Maybe okra is an aquired taste but most everyone I know will eat it in some form or other. I like it any way it is cooked.

AHHHHH okra.......don't you just love to say it? Okra,okra, okra,!

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