Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Different Way Of Looking At Things

The other night, me and Tim where having a deep conversation. I realized at that time that the way we each look at life is so different in a lot of ways. Tim asked the question.....why do all these bad things keep happening to us? I ask him......why do all these GOOD things keep happening to us.

A little over four years ago I was very close to not being here any longer. Why I was spared, I don't know. I do know that I don't want to waste a second with what ifs and negative thoughts. While things in our lives are not perfect and yes we do face many challenges, hardships and heart ache, we also have so many happy, wonderful things that happen too.

I told Tim that he was dwelling on the bad things and those things are so small compared to the many good things that have happened to us. As I began to point out all the good things, he began to see what I was talking about.

We have three beautiful children, two new precious daughters and the most gorgeous new grand baby in the world. We have a home, good jobs, we are able to pay our bills and while we are far from being millionaires, we are able to do some things we enjoy without worry. Would I rather be a millionaire? Well duh! Who wouldn't? But, you know what......I am content. Isn't that a good thing?

We will always have challenges and rough spots but, we have each other. I will cry tears over the heartaches of my children, I will worry about them and it will hurt when I can't fix everything for them but, I will always love them and be there for them. There is nothing that we will ever face, that as a family, we can't overcome.

One of the most important things I have learned is to turn it all over to God. This is so hard to do and I am the worlds worst about turning it over to him and then trying to take it back. This is something I am working on.

I choose to live my life looking for the good. I choose to live it with humor. I also choose to live it with love.....lots and lots of love. In other words......I just choose to live a life of contentment!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Tim Nobody Knows

There is a Tim that nobody but those closest to him knows. Tim can come off as being standoffish and cold to some people. That is so far from the truth!

To give you a little back ground.....I met Tim for the first time when I was six years old, in the first grade, at Headland Elementary School! Back then he was known as Timmy. Actually, I called him Timmy until our oldest was a few years old. He came home one day and said "Don't call me Timmy......that is a kids name" Mmkay. If you ever hear anyone call him Timmy, you can bet they went to school with us.  Any way. We were friends all through school and did not start dating until November of our senior year.

All girls want that boy that is sweet and thoughtful but, there sure is something about a bad know what I mean? Well, with Tim, I got all of it rolled into one.

Tim is quiet and really kind of shy. He is not comfortable talking in front of a lot of people and especially people he is not close to. I guess this is why he comes off as being standoffish. Tim can be strong, unbending and tough when  he needs to be but, with us he is loving and caring. He has a tender heart even though he doesn't want people to know. Tim protects himself and his feelings by having that tough exterior. Tim doesn't show his emotions or show excitement but, I know him so well that I can see it in his face.

Do you see what I see?

Tim can drive me crazy at times.....he tells me all the time...."don't you put my picture on facebook"....and of course I always tell him I won' don't tell on me! He likes to argue with me about stupid stuff just to see if he can get me riled up. I of course get back at him by aggravating the stew out of him. He complains about all of the dogs and having to take care of them but, he turns around and sneaks them food off his plate and lets them sit all over him in his chair.

Tim never wanted a daughter, I found out when our Hayden came along, it was because he knew he would turn to mush with her. Hayden, at almost eighteen years old, still sits in her Daddy's lap. They laugh and act silly together all the time.

When we were waiting for Clayton to arrive, I asked Tim, aren't you just a little bit excited? He said "I am very excited but, don't tell anyone, you might ruin my reputation!" He told me the other night "I sure do love that little booger.....he has my heart"

After all these years, he can still make me smile.......hearing his voice on the phone just makes my day and watching him walk in the door still makes my heart skip a beat. Watching him talk to our two boys and love on our daughter just melts me inside. He makes me laugh.......everyone needs to marry someone who makes them laugh!

The Tim I know is a loving Daddy and Husband. I just wish everyone could know the Tim I know!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My New Grand Baby

Back a while back, I posted about the little detour in our lives. I have been very remiss about updating everyone on this detour!

Our little Clayton made his appearance on November 22nd! He is beautiful and perfect in every way. On that day, I watched so many people fall completely in love with this little one. He has brought a joy into our lives that I never thought possible.

While this wee one was a detour that we weren't expecting.......he has been the best detour we have ever taken! His Daddy along with friends and family, prepared a home for the three of them. His Mommy did every thing right to make sure he came into this world the way he was supposed to. While his Daddy's plans for school changed, he is now doing what he wanted to do most. He is now a fireman! Little Clayton's Mommy will start her school and new job in a few days.

As I said before, Our lives sometimes take detours that we have not planned but, we always end up exactly where we are supposed to be!

Welcome to our world Clayton Allen!