Monday, June 2, 2008

My Sister Exist Because of Me!

Now I know you are thinking this is one strange woman here but, it is the truth! My sister is here because I wanted her to be.

When I was about ten or eleven, I decided that I just had to have a baby sister. NOT a baby brother.....I already had one of those. It had to be a baby sister. I started praying every night..."God bless Mama, Daddy,Chris, Granny & Grandaddy Tew, Granny & Grandaddy Hartley, all of our dogs and cats (and everyone else who happened to be in my life at that time) and think you might could give me a baby sister?" Every night I prayed for my baby sister. I promised I would take care of her, change her diapers and dress her up and all that stuff.

I told my Mama I was praying for a baby she would be ready and all. Well do you know she just laughed at me and told me "that is not going to happen." Well guess what? HA HA HA......I got my baby sister! know what else? I changed her diapers, I dressed her up, and I took her every where I went. I even took her to my school dances. Now remember.....when I was seventeen she was only five years old but, it did not matter. She was the baby sister I prayed for.

You know what else?...........she was and is everything I always knew she would be.......all of those nights of praying......night after night after night after night......I guess God decided he better give me what I wanted cause I sure wasn't gonna leave him alone until he did!

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