Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Princess Makes a Change

The Princess decided that she wanted a new hair cut for the new school year. She has studied hair styles for weeks now. Her hair has gotten really long since the last cut.


I was a little apprehensive about the style she chose. I was afraid that she would get it cut and decide that she did not like it. It is her hair so I let her make the decision. See what you think!


I Love It! It really does not even look like the same Princess and you can tell that she really feels good with this new look. Isn't it amazing what a hair cut and a few high lights can do.

Our next stop? She wants to try makeup! Not that blue eye shadow and black liner but the good kind of makeup. I will be taking her this weekend to pick it out. I will let you know how THAT turns out!

Oh, yes! We had a really good night last night! She kind of acted like she might think I was ok.....for one night any way! Oh, well......I will take what I can get.

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Boring Day In My Life

My alarm went off at 5:20 a.m. but since for some unknown reason I set it ten minutes fast, it was actually 5:10 a.m. I hit the snooze, as usual, and got nine more minutes of sleep.

I took a shower,cleaned up dog poop, put on makeup dried and rolled hair, got dressed and checked my e-mail. I then had to wash one of my sequined flip flops because the new blind puppy can't see where he tee-tee's and he did it on my shoe.

I then drove thirty minutes to work. I took steel orders and billed out all of the invoices. I checked online and found out that Big E's senior proofs were up. Studied pictures for awhile.

Lunch time! I decided that I wanted a fiesta omelet, so I went to Waffle House. I know, I have to go to the doctor next week but, I will be real good the rest of the week.

Got back to work and we are real slow. Took a few orders and played solitaire. Finally time to go home. I talked to my sister on cell phone on the way home. Don't worry I was very careful and attentive to my driving. I can multi-task very well and Lord knows I can talk and do just about anything!

Finally got home and cleaned up doggy poopy pads and yes I cleaned up more puppy poop. He is still learning and apparently no one else in this house knows the art of picking up puppy poop.

We heated up left overs so, I didn't have to cook tonight! I talked to some friends on line, looked at senior proofs again, talked to my Mother about proofs and selling gold jewelry. (Not me, her.)

I am now sitting here writing this thinking to myself "I have a very boring life." Well maybe not. It does sound a little boring but, it was a good day and I will tell you why.

1. no drama at work
2. senior proofs of Big E are really good!
3. husband was in a good mood
4. talked to my sister
5. did not have to cook supper
6. talked on line to some really great friends
7. all of my puppies were glad to see me
and last but not least.....
8. the wreck was only a passing thought.

It's my life and love it!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Girlfriends and Boyfriends

My children are old enough to have relationships. You know the dreaded girlfriends and boyfriends. I am not really sure how I feel about it. I like the people they have picked. It is just that kissing, hugging, touchy thing I am not to thrilled with.

It is just not something you want to think about in relation to your own children. However, I do have to say they have done a pretty good job of picking some goods ones.

First my know.....the fireman. When he was in school he dated the same girl from 8th grade on. They were not right for each other and I knew it but, I just prayed that it would end before it was too late. He has been dating a real sweetie pie for a couple of years now. She has beautiful red hair and a gorgeous smile. I know that he is about to ask her to marry him and I think it is wonderful. I could not have picked a better person for him. She is soft spoken, funny and she can hold her own with him! (which is a good thing) She is already a big part of our family and we are so happy to have her!

Fireman and Sweetie pie

My middle son Big E, has never had a serious girlfriend until about nine months ago. He made a wise choice. She is a sweetie pie too.Her Mom & Dad call her Squirrel so, that is what she will be here too! She is quiet until you get to know her. I think that they are perfect for each other but, sometimes I wish they had met and started dating when they were older. They are so young now so I can't help but wonder if they will always be together. I hope so because I think they are meant to be together. She is a tiny thing and they even favor a little. I hope she is around for a long time to come.

Big E and Squirrel

Then there is the Princess. She is only fourteen so I know that there will be many boyfriends in her future. The little fellow she has picked for now seems to be really sweet. He writes her poems and leaves her really nice messages on her myspace. He has really long hair and some of the kids give him a hard time for it but, this goes to show you why you should not judge anyone by their appearance. You see, he grows his hair out for locks of love. This is the organization that takes donated human hair and makes wigs for people going through cemo who have lost their hair. How many fourteen year old boys do you know that would do something like that. This makes him a winner in my book.

The Princess and her Prince for now.

I have learned that it is best to sit back and wait because my children can and will make wise choices. I mean paaaalease! What do you expect? They have obviously paid attention to their Mama all these years. You know....she....I mean me....well you know....I am wise.....or hmmmmmm....I try to be.....well I do...oh whatever!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have known Bubba since he was a baby. I have watched him grow into a young man of twenty-two. I watched him play pee wee and high school football with complete joy. He played with an intensity that was amazing. He was not very tall and he only weighed 136 pounds in high school but, you will never convince those that he tackled. Every time he came off the field he would pull his helmet off and sure enough.....he was grinning from ear to ear.

Bubba has never been seen without a smile on his face. Bubba's nickname should have been prankster. Nothing has ever been sacred to Bubba.....everyone is fair game.

I don't think I have ever seen Bubba without a huge smile on his face. He has always kept his beautiful blonde hair long. When that smile lit up his face those blue eyes would twinkle.

Bubba has always been a kind hearted kid. Everyone loves Bubba. No matter how mad you wanted to get with him you just couldn't. I am talking about a true charmer. One look at that mischievious smile and that twinkle in his eyes and you were lost.

On Saturday, July 12, 2008, Bubba left us. He did not mean to. He really wanted to stay. We wanted him to stay. We want him back.

Bubba left behind his Mom and Dad whom he had an unusually close relationship with. His sister lost her best friend. You seldom saw one without the other. His neice and nephew will forever have a hole in their lives where he should have been. His Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and hundreds and hundreds of friends will forever mourn the loss of Joseph Tyler "Bubba" Hancock. Sleep now our precious boy and know that you are LOVED.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Have A Large Family

If we talk long enough......we will be kin. I have so many relatives that it is not even funny. I have three children. I have a brother, sister, two nieces, two nephews, two great nieces and a great nephew......... I am not through. That is just immediate family.

My Mother had nine brothers and sisters and my Daddy had a brother and four sisters. From these aunts and uncles I have 29 first cousins. Most of these first cousins have had children of their own and the best I can count there are 34 more.

None of these counts include the generations of cousins, great aunts and uncles who are my parents age and older.

Now......between the blood relatives and their spouses......I am kin to just about everyone.

When new people move to the town I live in, I let them know up front that I am kin by blood or marriage to just about everyone in town. It will save them some embarassment later on IF, they decide they don't like me and they want to gossip about me. Chances are the person they are talking to are kin and IT WILL GET BACK TO ME.

You have to be really careful about who you date when you have a large family. You better do a background check and get a complete list of your ancestors. It would be really embarassing to find out that the boy you have a crush cousin. my knowledge......there is NONE of that inbreeding in my family!

Having a large family is great! Well.......sometimes. Big familes are great at holidays and other gatherings. There is so much going on that you don't get bored. On the other hand, there is always some family member around to tell on you when you don't do what you are supposed to.

My extended family is so large and widespread, we might only see each other once a year or so. But, when I need them most my family is ALWAYS there for me. Mother, brother,sister, aunts, uncles and cousins. They all show up or call when I need them most. I bet it is because I am their favorite! Just is really because they are the greatest family on earth!