Friday, November 14, 2008

My Hubby Hates Whiskey!

No, I am not talking about whiskey as in the liquor kind. I am talking about my oldest male red poodle named Whiskey. Whiskey is the name that you get when you let a teenaged boy name your dog.

This is Whiskey Photobucket

Any way, Whiskey is two years old and he likes to every thing....all the hubby hates dogs that yip and bark.

Whiskey always stays right up under me....all of the time even in the bed. Hubby rolls over and ........there is Whiskey.

There have been a lot of incidents over the years that have not helped Whiskey to endure himself with the hubby but, yesterday was the last straw.

I got home from work and low and behold Whiskey was outside in the pen with our lab puppy. I thought to myself..."hmmmmmm this can't be good".

So this is how the conversation went:

ME: So, ummmmm what did Whiskey do?

(I get the look from "T") that's not good

Me: welllll.....what did he do?

T: You better not laugh when I tell you!

ME: I want....I promise.

(that look again)

T: I mean it you better not laugh because I am still mad about it!


T: I took all of the dogs outside this afternoon to use the bathroom and I was watching them run around and play and I felt something wet on my leg. Your blankety blank dog had hiked his leg and peed all over my leg! STOP LAUGHING!!!!

ME: He....HAHAHA.....peed on your leg.....HAHAHA...?

(get the look I roll around on the floor laughing)

T: I told you not to laugh.

ME: I'm not laughing.....HAHAHAHAHA

T: It is not funny.....that stupid dog hiked his leg and peed on me!

ME: I am really sorry.....HAHAHAHAHA

T: You better not tell anyone about this.

ME: I want.....gee....

T: I mean it.....don't you tell anybody!

ME: Now who in the world would I tell? (I ask very innocently)

T just walks out of the room looking at me very suspiciously.

Now really.....why would he think I would tell anyone about that? I mean what would even give him the idea that I would?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Three A.M. Thoughts

It is 3:00 am and once again, I am wide awake. Isn't it funny how you can have some of your clearest thinking at such odd hours.

Last night I had a meeting for our local Touchdown Club. I had an hour before the meeting started and on the spur of the moment, I decided I would run into our local coffee shop and grab something to drink, just to kill time.

As I walked in, I found, with great pleasure that two of my friends were sitting there. We all smiled and hugged and I sat down to talk with them until time for my meeting. It was a very enjoyable time. Before leaving, we made plans to start meeting there at least once a month. I loved the idea!

Later, one of the friends sent me a text about how nice it was to have the three of us together like that, truly was.

I have been sitting here trying to go back to sleep and that chance meeting came back to me and I was filled with a warm peace. It is wonderful to know that I have two wonderful friends like this.

It hit me that the three of us were able to talk, without guarding our words or worrying that what we said would be taken wrong or repeated. In other words.....there was a complete trust. I am so blessed to have two such amazing ladies in my life.

I have many aquaintances and I have many people that I call friends. I am blessed with having some really great people in my life but, these two are special. When we are together there is an ease and comfort that you don't find with just anyone. We can laugh at and with each other......we can cry with each other...... we can share our secrets with each other and.......we know.......that there is a complete trust. How many people, outside of family, can any of us say that about? I sit 3:00am......I want to say to these two. I love you Steph and Patti and thank you for being the amazingly wonderful friends that you are!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jack & The Punkin Patch

I recently went to the pumpkin patch to take some pictures of a little boy named Jack. He was there to pick out his very special pumpkin!

First Jack arrived and he was a man on a mission.......


too find the perfect pumpkin!

First Jack was amazed at "all da punkins"....


Some punkins were too small.....


Some were too big...... Photobucket

So off we went again.....


to find the very best punkin.....

Photobucket throw!


Yep.....he was trying to find the best punkin to throw! But, take heart......he and his beautiful Mom, did finally find the perfect punkin to take home! Bruises and all!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Am Not A Morning Person

That's right....I am not a morning person. I am a stay up all night, never go to bed sleep all day kind of person but......that never happens any more. I have to get up at 5:00am.....not that not ridiculous?! Yes....I grew up and had to actually get a job. That means that for the last twenty one day starts waaaaay to early.

The only good thing about getting up that early is this......


Is that not one of the prettiest sunrises you have ever seen? What a way to start a day. That last few seconds before the sun pops up and it is just another regular ole day.

But until then........I get this beautiful view.....Photobucket right outside my back door.

So, even for a night owl like me.......early morning does have it's benefits.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Last Game is over.....the end....never to happen again. Big E has played his last football game. "sigh" After nine years of watching him play.....nothing. Every year at this time I would always think "a whole year until we can do this again". Now there is nothing. It is sad and I know that it is about moving on but, I was not ready for this.

It was a great game. Big E had a good night and a really good year.

Photobucket he had awesome tackles.....

and he had great runs....Photobucket

I watched him run onto the field for the last time.....Photobucket

I saw him celebrate for the last time....


I saw him and his senior team mates together on the field for the last time....


I saw him and his friends gather on the field together for the last time......


and I watched him walk off the field for the very last time....with his big brother for the very last time.....

I know that all things come to an end and this is part of life. It is part of becoming the person you are but, does it have to be so gosh darn sad?!

We have ended another chapter of our lives and now it is time to begin another. Unfortunately the next thing in line is graduation......."sigh"......I am going to be a complete basket case by the time this year is you hear me?! I am going to lose my mind.......never mind.....I think I lost it a long time ago!

The Cutest Witch

The Princess went to a Halloween party. It took us at least an hour to find the right costume. I think we got the right one!


They don't make witch costumes like they used to! I think she looks cute.


No warts or crooked noses. As a matter of fact.....I think she is too pretty to be a witch! Are witches supposed to be pretty? I don't know but......I do know that this one is!

The Pep Rally

Since it is Big E's senior year....I have been trying to document as much of this year as I can. That is how I found myself at a very interesting pep rally. The Senior football players dressed as the cheerleaders and the cheerleaders became football players.


I have not laughed like this since the accident. I laughed so much my cheeks hurt. The boys did a dance routine and they did a few cheers.


Notice the legs on Big E and the shorts and boots are just lovely.

Oh my gosh!!!! Photobucket

This is Hicks he was a hoot!

Notice the look that the friend on the back is giving Big E!


This is Big E and one of his best friends Seth. They are the only two that actually fit in the whole cheerleader suit......too funny.


The cheerleaders were adorable! Photobucket

The senior football players have been a complete joy for me this year. They are great kids and they are so close. I love these boys.....errrrrrr.....girls.....nah....there boys.....just really pretty boys!


These days it is harder for me to smile and even harder for me to really and truly laugh. These kids gave me a gift on this day! I was able to laugh and smile in a way I have not done in a long, long time. Thanks to these kids.....I had a great day!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Around here football is a big deal. Every Friday night everyone gathers at the local high school football field to watch the kids play in the band, cheer and play football. The homecoming game is a big deal. We have a whole week of homecoming fesitvites that end with a homecoming parade the day of the game. Each high school class has to make a float to go in the parade and the floats are judged. The kids build their floats in different locations so that the other classes can not see what they are doing.

The kids spend a lot of time on the floats and they work really hard.


Every one joins in to make their float look great!


There is also a lot of playing around. This year there were some hay bales at the barn where the kids were working. We just could not keep them off of them. So....I just decided to take advantage of that and get their pictures.


This group of boys have been friends forever. They are so close and I feel like they always will be.


What a crew!

Once they got through playing they got back to work!

This was the end result.



After getting 2nd place for the last three years.....they finally won the float contest. Way to go Seniors! They won the pep rally and they won their last homecoming game.

It is fun living in a small town because you get to do things like this!
It has been a while since I have posted a blog and I apologize. We have been in the middle of football so, I have not had a lot of time to blog. We have ended our season now and I promise I will get busy. I have a lot I can talk about from the last few months so, maybe I will have a lot for you to read! Talk to you later!