Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Missing Pants

So, recently I was getting ready to head to bed, when Big E comes through the back door.......without any pants. Just a shirt, boxers and boots. This should be interesting.

ME: Ummmmm.......where are your jeans?

Big E: Well see, it is homecoming at the high school.

Me: You are not in high school any more......and what has that got to do with where your pants are?

Big E: Well, tomorrow is celebrity day and my girlfriend is going dressed as a rapper.

Me: And.......

Big E: She wanted to borrow some of my pants and she needed them tonight so, I just took the ones I had off and gave them to her.

Me: You do know that people who ride around with no pants on get arrested and they show up on those cop shows. You do know this......right?

Big E: "laughs"

Me: Okay then.......night, night!

All I can say is that I am really glad that I buy him those really thick nice boxers that look more like shorts. I am also glad that I live in a small town where IF, he were to get pulled over and he gave them the explanation for why he had no pants......they would actually understand!

I would also like to tell you that this is the strangest thing that has ever happened at my house but........I would be lying. So goes the life of a woman who has three children, a husband and eight is ALWAYS interesting!


Marie said...

I'm new to your blog. I was glad to realize you were having this conversation with your son and not your husband. Although I do have to wonder what might have happened had your son's girlfriend's dad arrived home to find your son in his house in such a state.

Rachel said...

LOL! Boys are so funny.

My older brother decided to be "rebellious" at his small Christian School's graduation and didn't wear any pants under his robe - just boxers.

However, he was one of the best students, so he had to keep walking up and down the stairs to accept awards. Every time he went up, more people noticed his hairy legs when the gown split, and the laughter spread every time.

Boys. :)