Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Family & Graduation

This a conversation that I had with Big E on graduation night.

Me: Okay Big E, I want you to put your cap and gown on so I can get pictures before we leave!

Big E: I will be so glad when this is over! {he says with a frown}

Me: You want graduation over with?

Big E: NO! I am tired of having my picture made. I am sick of it.

Me: (laughs) well.....you are just going to have to put up with it just a little bit longer. Then, I will hardly ever make your picture again!

Big E: (rolls his eyes)

I am thinking at this point that he knows better than that! Any way. Here are some family pictures from Baccalaureate and Graduation.

Big E & Nonna


Big E & Nana


Big E, the Princess & his Dad T......and two dog butts!


Big E and his Aunt Ladibug


Big E and his Big Brother the Fireman


and last but not least.....Big E, Princess, Fireman and Fireman's future bride Sweetie Pie!


and no......MY picture is not in here. I was the one taking the pictures. I think his NaNa got one of us......I will have to get that from her......not that any of you will see it! HA

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