Monday, November 9, 2009

Fun At The Fair

In the area where I live, one of the highlights of the fall season is the National Peanut Festival. Peanuts are the number one crop here and almost half of the peanuts grown in the nation are grown within our area! The Peanut Festival is one of the largest festivals dedicated to the peanut and the peanut farmer!

Our band boosters has a booth at the fair and the parents and kids work the booth to help raise money.

Everyone works really hard!

No really......we work really, really hard!

Hmmmmmm.......well we were a little slow that night but, it really is a lot of hard work. Fun, but hard!

We sell funnel cakes, fudge puppys and cotton candy of course!

When our shift was over, me and the princess decided to walk down to the exhibit barn and take a look!

There were all kinds of perserves, honey and pickles.....

There were pumpkins with jewels and stuff on them......

and really cool painted pumpkins.....

but, this was one of the strangest things we saw!

Yep! They were selling panties at the fair. Not just panties but $1.00 panties! Have you ever? Well, you know we had to go in and check them out and guess what.......

Yep......they had panties. All colors, styles and sizes. And, before you ask....NO we did not buy any. We just looked and giggled and took pictures while the really strange panty selling man gave us strange looks. HE GAVE US Strange looks. Hey Buster.........WE aren't the ones selling ladies panties at the THERE!

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