Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My hubby works nights. During the week this does not bother me too much. Friday nights....it drives me crazy. I get tired of sitting home alone on Friday night so, I decided I would go watch my cousin's little boy play T-ball.

I figured when he saw me with my camera, that he would try to avoid me. He is the one in some of my other post, that hides from me when I try to take his picture. I guess being an athlete changes all of that. You know you have to prepare at an early age, to pose for that Sports Illustrated cover.

Any way.....he came up to bat.....


....and he hit it and made it to first base, where he was greeted by one of the opposing players with a big high five!


Then the next player hit and he rounded third and headed into home......


Then a quick look at Mom......to make sure she saw it all.....


And.....of course we had our turn in the field.


T-ball is when it is still fun. Everybody wins and nobody loses. Everyone gets a hit and when the ball is hit into the field.....it takes the whole ball team to stop it. The big smiles on the kids faces tells the story.

I mean look at this!


Just a happy smiling kid without a care in the world! Just happy to be out there enjoying his t-ball game!

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Ivy said...

SO cute! Looks like so much fun!