Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Sad Day

I started this blog as a way to save memories for my kids in a journal form. Then I decided to share it with others. It has mostly been about every day things that happen in my family. Some of the things I write about are sentimental and some things are just happy times. But, today......I need to write about something that has really bothered me and it has had a major impact on my community.

A few days ago a life time resident in our community opened fire on some of our local law enforcement officers. One lost his life, and the other is in critical condition in our local hospital. He may never be able to see again.

We are a very small community and all three of these men are well known. It is hard to put into words the horror and shock that we are all in. How do you reconcile within your own mind something this tragic?

No one will ever know what triggered this. My understanding is that the shooter had some mental issues and had not been taking his medicine properly. How sad that a man lost his life because of something like this.

Our first responders have to face life and death situations every day. They leave their homes, wives and children, thinking they will see them later in the day. Never knowing that day may be their last. The officer who lost his life was Dexter Hammond. He got a call that an "officer is down". He rushed to the aid of his fellow law enforcement brother. He lost his life trying to help a brother officer. He is a hero!

My thoughts and prayers are with his wife and his young son, who does not understand what has happened. All he knows is that he will never see his Daddy again. My prayers are with the other young officer who is still in ICU, not knowing what his life will be like from here on out. I also hurt for the family of the shooter. Not only have they lost a loved one.......they have to live with the fact that this person that they the one who did this horrible thing. They will feel and be MADE to feel guilty for something THEY did not do.

We all need to remember to hug our loved ones and never forget to tell them you love them. You just never know.

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