Friday, November 14, 2008

My Hubby Hates Whiskey!

No, I am not talking about whiskey as in the liquor kind. I am talking about my oldest male red poodle named Whiskey. Whiskey is the name that you get when you let a teenaged boy name your dog.

This is Whiskey Photobucket

Any way, Whiskey is two years old and he likes to every thing....all the hubby hates dogs that yip and bark.

Whiskey always stays right up under me....all of the time even in the bed. Hubby rolls over and ........there is Whiskey.

There have been a lot of incidents over the years that have not helped Whiskey to endure himself with the hubby but, yesterday was the last straw.

I got home from work and low and behold Whiskey was outside in the pen with our lab puppy. I thought to myself..."hmmmmmm this can't be good".

So this is how the conversation went:

ME: So, ummmmm what did Whiskey do?

(I get the look from "T") that's not good

Me: welllll.....what did he do?

T: You better not laugh when I tell you!

ME: I want....I promise.

(that look again)

T: I mean it you better not laugh because I am still mad about it!


T: I took all of the dogs outside this afternoon to use the bathroom and I was watching them run around and play and I felt something wet on my leg. Your blankety blank dog had hiked his leg and peed all over my leg! STOP LAUGHING!!!!

ME: He....HAHAHA.....peed on your leg.....HAHAHA...?

(get the look I roll around on the floor laughing)

T: I told you not to laugh.

ME: I'm not laughing.....HAHAHAHAHA

T: It is not funny.....that stupid dog hiked his leg and peed on me!

ME: I am really sorry.....HAHAHAHAHA

T: You better not tell anyone about this.

ME: I want.....gee....

T: I mean it.....don't you tell anybody!

ME: Now who in the world would I tell? (I ask very innocently)

T just walks out of the room looking at me very suspiciously.

Now really.....why would he think I would tell anyone about that? I mean what would even give him the idea that I would?

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