Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Last Game is over.....the end....never to happen again. Big E has played his last football game. "sigh" After nine years of watching him play.....nothing. Every year at this time I would always think "a whole year until we can do this again". Now there is nothing. It is sad and I know that it is about moving on but, I was not ready for this.

It was a great game. Big E had a good night and a really good year.

Photobucket he had awesome tackles.....

and he had great runs....Photobucket

I watched him run onto the field for the last time.....Photobucket

I saw him celebrate for the last time....


I saw him and his senior team mates together on the field for the last time....


I saw him and his friends gather on the field together for the last time......


and I watched him walk off the field for the very last time....with his big brother for the very last time.....

I know that all things come to an end and this is part of life. It is part of becoming the person you are but, does it have to be so gosh darn sad?!

We have ended another chapter of our lives and now it is time to begin another. Unfortunately the next thing in line is graduation......."sigh"......I am going to be a complete basket case by the time this year is you hear me?! I am going to lose my mind.......never mind.....I think I lost it a long time ago!

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