Monday, July 21, 2008

A Boring Day In My Life

My alarm went off at 5:20 a.m. but since for some unknown reason I set it ten minutes fast, it was actually 5:10 a.m. I hit the snooze, as usual, and got nine more minutes of sleep.

I took a shower,cleaned up dog poop, put on makeup dried and rolled hair, got dressed and checked my e-mail. I then had to wash one of my sequined flip flops because the new blind puppy can't see where he tee-tee's and he did it on my shoe.

I then drove thirty minutes to work. I took steel orders and billed out all of the invoices. I checked online and found out that Big E's senior proofs were up. Studied pictures for awhile.

Lunch time! I decided that I wanted a fiesta omelet, so I went to Waffle House. I know, I have to go to the doctor next week but, I will be real good the rest of the week.

Got back to work and we are real slow. Took a few orders and played solitaire. Finally time to go home. I talked to my sister on cell phone on the way home. Don't worry I was very careful and attentive to my driving. I can multi-task very well and Lord knows I can talk and do just about anything!

Finally got home and cleaned up doggy poopy pads and yes I cleaned up more puppy poop. He is still learning and apparently no one else in this house knows the art of picking up puppy poop.

We heated up left overs so, I didn't have to cook tonight! I talked to some friends on line, looked at senior proofs again, talked to my Mother about proofs and selling gold jewelry. (Not me, her.)

I am now sitting here writing this thinking to myself "I have a very boring life." Well maybe not. It does sound a little boring but, it was a good day and I will tell you why.

1. no drama at work
2. senior proofs of Big E are really good!
3. husband was in a good mood
4. talked to my sister
5. did not have to cook supper
6. talked on line to some really great friends
7. all of my puppies were glad to see me
and last but not least.....
8. the wreck was only a passing thought.

It's my life and love it!

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