Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Nephew

My nephew is the grandbaby I haven't had yet. Are you confused now? Well, little man belongs to my younger sister. She is twelve years younger than me and sometimes she feels more like my child than my sister. Therefore you get the nephew/grandson thing.

Anyway, I was there the day he was born......I don't just mean AT the hospital....I was IN the room with her for the whole thing. Even though I have three children of my own....this was different.....instead of a participant, I was a witness to the miracle of birth. Not just any birth, the birth of my very special nephew. He became mine.....that day.....that very moment he appeared.....he became mine.

He is tough as nails but, he is oh so tender hearted and kind. He is a worrier and a prankster and he loves with all of his heart.

My little man does not like to give hugs in front of people but, if you catch him by yourself he will give you a nice little hug.

He lives in a really big city and he loves to come visit us out here in the country. He loves to go with his older cousins and explore the cow pasture close to my house. We have tried to sneak him an old cow skull home but, the best we have been able to do is send the cow teeth instead.

His Mom recently remarried and he was the one to give his Mom away. He was so growny and handsome in his tux. He had practiced a toast before the wedding. My little man gave his toast in front of all of those people......his precious toast to his new little family.

Every time he comes to see us, I am amazed at how fast he has grown. My little man that I watched come into this world is now almost as tall as me.

Every other grandchild in this family favors in some way and they have the same coloring. Not my little man. He is dark....dark eyes.......dark skin......and dark curly hair. He is unique and special and a perfect fit among his cousins.

He lives where it gets really cold in the winter......THIS is not a good thing......because you see.....our little man is really a beach bunny at heart. If a child was ever born to be a beach bum surfer dude.....he is it.

My little man is growing up and soon I will need to find another name for him but.....for now.....he is little man!

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