Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Big "E" The Middle Child

My middle child is the one we thought we were not going to have. We had one beautiful little boy already and after several miscarriages and six and half years we had Big E. He came into this world as an old soul. He watched everything and seemed to know what was going on.

He was a Mama's boy from day one. When he is sick, sad, happy or just needing to talk, he looks for Mama. Of my three he is most like me. He tells my everything (yes, everything). Sometimes, I want to put my fingers in my ears and say la-la-la....I don't want to hear this!

He is tough, but tender hearted, he is strong yet gentle and he is loyal to a fault. He makes really good grades and he has plans. He wants to do something with his life.

He is the biggest Auburn football fan I know. He can tell you anything about Auburn that you want to know. His dream is to go to college there.

Big "E" is a name that was given to him by one of his pee wee football coach's (also a friend of ours). He loves to play football and has always played like he was the biggest kid on the team.

At 17 years old he weighs about 160 pounds but, he plays like he weights 250. Thus the name Big "E".

He is the kind of child who does not demand a lot of attention. So, I made sure that he did not get lost in the shuffle and got the attention he deserved.

He always had to dress himself. If you tried to help he would tell you " I do it myself!" He went to daycare many days with his shoes on the wrong feet. If you changed them he would get mad, sit down, take them off again and put them on backward. He never wore his baseball cap the right way. It was always backward. If you fixed it he would glare at you and spin it back around.

When his baby sister was brought home he would stand by anyone holding her. After a few minutes he would tell them "You have had her long enough you need to put her down." He is very protective toward his little sister.

He thinks he does not have a pretty smile. He does not like to smile in pictures so, I have to catch him unaware. Gotcha! My beautiful little boy!

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