Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Southern Delight.....Boiled Peanuts

One of the biggest crops we raise around here are peanuts. We also grow cotton, corn and soy beans. Peanuts are our thing though.

We have the National Peanut Festival every year. It is something that everyone looks forward to. We live for the Peanut Festival Fair! Well......the kids do any way.

Peanuts are used in alot of ways. Around here we like em parched, roasted, fried and boiled. Most people beyond a three state area have NEVER heard of boiled peanuts. In my neck of the woods, you are raised on boiled peanuts.

To boil peanuts you must first have the right kind of peanuts. You have to get them as soon as they come out of the gound. If you wait to long they will get dried out and they will not boil up worth a flip. You put your peanuts (still in the shell) in the biggest boiling pot you can find. You fill the pot with lots of water and salt. You have to be careful because too much or too little salt, and your boiled peanuts will not taste right. You boil them until they are done. Remember, you are going to have to spoon out a few to taste (just to see if they are done). When the peanuts are salted right and they turn soft they are ready. You don't eat the shells, unless you get some of those really little ones that the shell is real soft. You take them out of the shell and then you eat them!

If you ever go to a football game or any sporting event for that matter you will see people eating boiled peanuts. When in the south you will see people sitting by the road selling boiled peanuts. It is ok to buy these. They are usually the best. If your not sure where to go just ask "where can I find some good boiled peanuts?" and anyone can tell you at least a half a dozen places to go.

So, if you are ever in the south at least try the boiled peanuts......ya'll just might like 'em.

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