Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Baby Turns Eighteen

On February 17th, 18 years ago, our baby girl was born. This is the child that we did not plan but, God thought we deserved her. That is why I have always called her our bonus baby. We had two perfect boys but, we got an extra treat.....We got Hayden!

 It is hard to believe that 18 years ago, we were so worried about our little girl. She was so very sick and we did not know if she was going to make it. I kept telling myself she was going to be fine and I just wish that it was 10 years or 15 years from now and this would all be a distant memory. Here we are 18 years later and yes, it is a distant memory.

Even back then, I made my way through life by keeping a journal. Back then, I had never even heard of an online blog.......I just wrote it all down on paper. This is a small passage from that time.

"I have done good in front of everyone, now I am in the car with Tim, praying my baby makes it to Montgomery alive. I feel so helpless. I have to cry. I am so scared. I know that God gave her to us for a reason and he won't take her away. I have complete trust but, I am still so scared."

Even after all these years, I can't read this journal without crying. When I read this, it takes me back 18 years ago. I am however so thankful, that all these years later. Our baby is a healthy beautiful young woman.

Hayden is artistic, funny, quirky and frankly just does her own thing. What other people think does not matter to her. She is true to herself and the values she has been taught.

She is loved by her brothers, has her Daddy wrapped around her finger and she is my joy! Hayden is loved and adored and she is secure in that love.

Happy 18th Birthday my beautiful, precious daughter! I love you!

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