Monday, June 9, 2014

It Is Just What A Mother Does

I recently had someone say to me "I dedicated my whole life to my children, I sacrificed everything for them" and this was said in a resentful tone. I am like....wait.....what? Isn't that what a Mother does?

It got me thinking about being a Mother. As most people know, my oldest child is twenty-nine years old which means I have been a Mother for that long but, actually my "Motherhood" started way before that. I became a "Mother" at the age of my younger sister. I was twelve when she was born and from that day forward I became her protector and treated her as my own, more so than a sibling.

She went everywhere I went. Before I could drive, I drug her all over Kinsey with me and my friends as we played and hung out. When I got old enough to drive, she went to school dances and road around the Northside mall with me.

I taught her all I knew and tried to do everything right so that she would have a good example. I fed her, dressed her, bathed her and played with her......all the things a Mother does, yet I was her sister. That is just what a Mother does.

As a Mother, I have sacrificed and put myself on the back burner so that I could take care of my kids. It is not anything I is just something a Mother does.

To this day, I will change plans and drop anything that I have going on, to take care of any need that my children may have. That is just what a Mother does.

There have been times that I wore clothes that were just worn out, so that I could buy my three children new school clothes or make sure they had a great Christmas. That is just what a Mother does.

I have headed up committees and organizations that involved my children, even though there were other things I would rather be doing but, since it benefited my children I did it any way. That is just what a Mother does.

There have been times that I got angry with my kids but, I tried to handle the anger in a way that they knew that what they had done was wrong but, I stilled loved them. That is just what a Mother does.

I have tried to guide my children in the right direction but, I also allowed and taught them to make their own decisions. That is just what a Mother does.

I could go on and on but, you get the picture. The thing is, there has never been a second that I ever resented doing what a Mother is supposed to do.

When I look at the Woman my sister has become and the wonderful adults my three children have become, I feel nothing but pride and love......there is no resentment, there is no regret. All I feel is an all consuming love. A love with no strings attached. A love that does not expect anything in return. It is a Mothers love........ Because that kind of Loving....... is just What a Mother does.

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