Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bailey's Story

Our Bailey came into this world in October of 2007, she was one of five born to our Poodles Brandy and Whiskey. All of the puppies grew and thrived and one by one, their little eyes started to open....all except one of the smallest of the bunch. I took her to the vet and was told that her little eyes did not develop and she would be blind.

I left the vets office that day cradling this little tiny baby with tears pouring down my face. I worried about what was going to happened to her.....would she have a life and if so, what kind of life would it be.

I was told by some to have her put to sleep.....they said it wasn't fair to prolong her life knowing she would never see. All I could think to myself was......she is healthy....she is just blind. Why on earth would I end her life over something like this.

The decision was made that this sweet  baby would become a permanent part of our lives. We named her Bailey. She grew and thrived and learned how to make her way in her own little world. When Bailey was a wee little thing, she would hold on to her Mama's tail so that she would know which way to go. One day.......she knew all on her own, which way to go!

Bailey grew to be a loving and trusting little one. She has never met a stranger and she will approach everyone, both human and animal, trusting that they will never bring harm to her. The funny thing was, every single dog or animal she has ever met, treated her with tender care. It is as if they know she is special.

Bailey will run and play just as hard as all the other dogs, even though she can not see. We taught her to listen to our voice so that she did not run into things. She has a sweet way of tilting her head when you talk to her. It is her way of letting you know she is listening.

Bailey learned to sit and stand on her hind legs and dance. She never learned how to chase and retrieve a ball but, she did figure out that she could chase and tackle the other poodles to the ground when THEY were chasing the ball.

Bailey always slept with Ethan until he left home. She slept under the covers, never on top. Sometimes you might see the tip of her nose sticking out a little but, that was it.

We often forget that she is actually blind. She will run full force in the yard and can chase down every dog we have. She will daintily tip toe past the trees in the yard until she gets to the open area and then she is off like a shot. She will run down the hall full force, make the corner and leap onto our bed.

Bailey is scared to pieces of the rain and thunder. The only place she is comfortable being is at home. Any where else and she shakes like a leaf.

Bailey doesn't know she is different, being blind is all she has ever known. As far as she knows everyone else is just like her. With the exception of a few things to keep her safe and to ease her way, we have never treated her any differently that all of our sighted dogs. She is such a sweet little dog, loving her is easy.

There has never been a time that we have regretted making Bailey a permanent part of our lives. She has brought nothing but, joy to our lives. She is sweet natured and happy. She is loving and smart. She has taught me that anyone or any being can overcome some of life's hardest things.

Today, our Bailey is at the vets office fighting for her life. It seems so unfair that a little dog that started out with such a rough start, should have to go through something like this now. I pray that our Bailey can fight her way through. I just can't imagine our lives without her sweet presence.

I held her in my arms all night on Wednesday night before taking her to the vet. We are now on day three of her being away from us. I pray that she will soon be in my arms again.

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