Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My New Grand Baby

Back a while back, I posted about the little detour in our lives. I have been very remiss about updating everyone on this detour!

Our little Clayton made his appearance on November 22nd! He is beautiful and perfect in every way. On that day, I watched so many people fall completely in love with this little one. He has brought a joy into our lives that I never thought possible.

While this wee one was a detour that we weren't expecting.......he has been the best detour we have ever taken! His Daddy along with friends and family, prepared a home for the three of them. His Mommy did every thing right to make sure he came into this world the way he was supposed to. While his Daddy's plans for school changed, he is now doing what he wanted to do most. He is now a fireman! Little Clayton's Mommy will start her school and new job in a few days.

As I said before, Our lives sometimes take detours that we have not planned but, we always end up exactly where we are supposed to be!

Welcome to our world Clayton Allen!

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