Friday, February 25, 2011

Thirty-Something Years Ago

Thirty-Something years ago today was one of the most special days of my life! It was the day my baby sister was born! If you have read one of my earlier post, you will know that she is the baby sister that I prayed so hard for and God answered a little girls prayers.

I am not going to tell you how old she is because then you will know just how old I have become. I will tell you that I was twelve years old when she was born. I can't even imagine what my life would be without her!

My baby sister went every where with me. I took her to dances, ballgames and every thing in between.I dressed her and carried her around just like she was a live baby doll!

When I was a teenager, we shared a room. Now most teenagers would hate having to share a room with a sister that much younger than them, but not me! It never ever bothered me. I loved it. My favorite times were when I would come in for a date and she was awake in bed, waiting up for me. I would go open a can of chicken noodle soup and we would eat it together straight out of the can, right there in our bed!

Since the day she was born, I have never once been angry with her. We have NEVER, in all these years had an argument! I guess it was just a perfect situation. It is hard to define our relationship. With the age difference, she was almost like my own child. Yet, she was still my baby sister. It is so hard to put into words, the overwhelming feeling of love I have for her.

I am so proud of the woman she has become. She is a perfect Mom to her precious little boy. She is a wonderful wife to her soul mate!

As I said before, I can't even begin to explain the bond that we have. All I do know is she is my pride and joy......she has always been a bright light in my world.......she is everything I could have wished for and most of all.......she was an answer to a little girls prayer!

Happy Birthday Baby Sister..........I Love You!

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ladibug said...

Love you too, big sister.

PS. This made me cry.